Founded by recognized professionals and embellished with an eco-system of thought leaders and experts from various infra sectors, the infravision foundation stands for upholding the impartial, enlightened and respected voice of reason.

What We Do

The Infravision Foundation is set up to potentially act as a lighthouse in the infra sector, providing navigation, illumination and inspiration to:

  • Policy makers by providing insight into complex issues
  • Individuals and institutions involved in the infrastructure domain
  • People whom the policies are intended to serve

How We Do It

We reach out to industry organisations, important stakeholders and public-spirited citizens, widening the infrastructure footprint. We do it through various measures.

Physical events

Conferences with industry leaders to resolve challenging issues

Virtual interactions

Interviews with specialists to explain our research and suggest potential action

Social media outreach

Our story, the story of infrastructure, and of infravisionaries on social media


On-ground workshops, conferences and roundtables which start important conversations between government, policy makers, implementation agencies and infrastructure companies, to iron out problems and offer effective answers.




 InfraKatha 3, with author Gurcharan Das, IHC, 7 PM




Infrashakti Awards with NDTV, 10.30 AM onwards Hyatt Regency, Delhi 




 InfraKatha 2, with Paralympian Deepa Malik, IHC, 7 PM

How much do you know about infrastructure? You are about to find out!

Infravision Conversations

To share insights from experts, simplify complex matters, and make infrastructure part of our everyday exchanges.

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